In watercolor I use techniques from glazing to dry brush. Watercolor is versatile enough to use in the field for nature sketches as well as fine art illustrations. I also enjoy painting with acrylics either in translucent washes or opaque layers. With both I like the fact that there's no eraser. Happy accidents make a piece unique.

Mixed Media

I'm working on a mixed media series featuring butterflies and their host plants. I layer acrylic washes and add collage elements, including photos of butterflies that visit my garden. If I have the plant I'll take a leaf and make relief prints directly on the painting. Once everything is dry I work it over with pencil, pen, and sometimes add more collage elements to create a tapestry of colors and textures.


Utilitarian yet elegant, I use graphite for finished pieces. My series of graphite leaves was featured in a solo show at B. Beamesderfer Gallery, Highland Park, NJ. One piece from the series was selected for the 18th Annual Small Works juried exhibition at Center Gallery-Old Church, Demarest, NJ.