User Experience Design

is the process of making things easier to use. UX Designers research, prototype, and perform product testing in order to help companies create simple, understandable interfaces, software systems, apps....well you get the idea.

It's Interactive

Like the Citizen Science Project I worked on. I led a group of 5th Graders through the design process culminating in a working digital prototype. We followed each each stage: research, design, prototype, test, revise and iterate. Ideally, there is enough time scheduled to go through the testing and iteration stage numerous times before the final product is due

Respect. Observe. Listen.

What better way to know how your customers will use a new platform than to test it out before it’s gone to market? At it’s best UX Design is about respect for the users of your product, excellent observational and listening skills. Every time we prototype and test a product UX Designers have the opportunity to help shape a product that not only serves the company’s bottom line, but the consumer as well.

Student Work

included mood boards, personas, paper prototyping, digital prototyping,and testing.